A couple of days after our Jordan trip was Noah’s birthday! All of Noah’s previous birthday parties have been very low-key, either in our apartment or big picnics in the park. But we didn’t think that was going to fly this year. For one thing, of all the parties Noah went to this year, only one was in the family’s home. Birthday parties in Haifa were almost all at amusement parks, bowling alleys, museums, etc. For another thing, our Hebrew wasn’t good enough to wrangle 40 kids – we knew we needed help. So, we turned to the University of Haifa Hecht Museum for an Archaeology Party! Noah also got an additional party in his classroom, which was quite an elaborate affair. With 35 kids, each class party is shared. If each kid had their own party, they’d never get any other learning done.

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Update: Each set of parents got to say something special about the birthday boy in front of the class. I’m adding our little speech here. We said it in both English & Hebrew.

“Dear Noah,
We are so proud of you.  It is not easy to come to a new school, in a new country, and in a language you don’t know.  It has been wonderful to see you learn so much and to make so many great friends. We are very lucky parents to have a boy like you, who likes to go on so many adventures with us, who is always so happy and telling us such funny jokes and stories, and translate Hebrew for us when we don’t understand.

Noach HaYakar,
Anachnu colcach ge’im bcha. Ze bichlal lo cal lehagia l’eretz chadasha, gan chadash, she’atah lo mekir et asafa.
Ze nifla lir’ot she lamadeta colkach harbeh v’she yesh l’cha harbeh chaverim chadashim.
Yesh lanu mazal gadol she atah ha ben shelanu, she ne’hene latzet hitanu l’harpatkaot chadashot, she tamid kolkach meushar, v’shemesaper lanu bedichot matzchrikot v’sipurim me’sha’asheim, v’metargem lanu l’anglit kshe’anzchnu lo mevinim.”