• The same day that I gave my talk in Jerusalem, I had to go to Tel Aviv that evening for the final Fulbright event of the year, the farewell dinner. The dinner was sponsored by the US Embassy and was held in a fancy hotel. It was the kick-off to several end-of-the-year events:
  • The next night was our friend Sarah’s play. She wrote, starred in, and co-directed a semi-autobiographical, one-woman show based on events leading up to and including her year here. She first performed it over Pesach at a theater festival in Jaffo, but we had to miss it because it was the same time as our Yam HaMelach trip. We were thrilled when she performed it in Haifa, in the theater dept. at the University, where she has been teaching all year as part of her Fulbright.  Hopefully her theater work will bring her to work in NY so we can see each other again.

Sarah Brown in a scene from her show

    • The following week, fellow Fulbrighter Julia had a show of her artwork also at the University, “Common Ground: Landscape Painting in Israel.” She had a couple of amazing projects this year working with Arab & Jewish students, using art as a means to initiate communication between the groups.
    • My final, final official Fulbright event (as far as I know) was as a panel leader this week for Israeli students with fellowships who are going to America. I returned to Tel Aviv to lead a panel on what to expect in academia in the US for undergraduates and graduate students.

Now all that’s left is to say good-bye to our dear friends and wrap up our work projects.