Our friend Mikael loves culinary adventures as much as we do. We had heard about an Arab-Israeli restaurant called El Baboor in Umm El-Fahm that was supposed to be amazing, so when we asked Mikael to join us, he was up for the trip. Its about 45 mins. from Haifa, so we wanted to make a day of it and when looking at our maps & guide books, we decided it was a good opportunity to see Megiddo (Armageddon) too. Megiddo is really a Tel, which means a hill created by many generations of settlements built one on top of the other. Excavations have revealed 26 levels of ruins of ancient cities, which Noah took as a challenge to count himself. To exit the site, we descended 120 feet underground to the bottom of the tel, where an ancient water system was built to collect water from a spring. We then walked through the tunnel leading to an exit at the bottom of the tel where the spring used to be.

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