About 3 weeks ago, we spent another Shabbat with Aunt Deborah, Uncle Dani, and all of the Jerusalem cousins.  Afterwards, we went to Yad Lashiryon, in the town of Latrun a few miles west of the city and met Maya (one of Sarah’s friends and University of Haifa colleagues) and her family.  In addition to being the memorial to members of Israel’s armored divisions, it is a museum of tanks. Israel has contributed a lot to their development, through hard experience over the last 63 years. When we explained to Noah that it was a memorial to Israel’s soldiers, he asked “Even Judah Maccabi?” “No,” we explained, “he didn’t serve in a tank unit.”

Noah was mostly interested in the tanks.  Fortunately Maya’s husband Avishai knows a lot about tanks from his time in the army, so Noah and I learned a lot.  He put Noah and his daughter through their paces. Afterward, they had us over for a lovely brunch–homemade shakshuka!