I haven’t had the time to write much lately, but I thought some of you might be interested to see that a story about me and my research was just published today on ynet,”Israel’s largest and most popular news and content website” according to their own website. Of course, it is in Hebrew, so I have no idea if it is accurate or if the journalist quoted me properly. But, my picture is there, which is nice. I’m exaggerating – I’m not that illiterate. I was able to make out a few key ideas, but if any of you Hebrew speakers spot any glaring errors, let me know.

What else is going on professionally ?

  • Yesterday I was the featured speaker at the yearly training/education day for all of the pediatric physical therapists in the Haifa region who work for Clalit, which is a combination of health insurance and medical care. They have clinics in every neighborhood, but where I went yesterday was the main center that sees all at-risk and developmentally delayed infants & children. The PTs, neuropsychologists, pediatricians, etc. are housed in the same building. There was a beautiful view of the Baha’i gardens from the room where I spoke, which was an added bonus.
  • About a month ago I gave a talk to the Physical Therapy dept. at the U. of Haifa and next week I’m giving a talk to the Cognitive Forum of the Psych. Dept. at Hebrew U. in Jerusalem.
  • 2 weeks ago I went to Greece for a psychology conference with my friend & colleague Osnat where we presented a poster of one of the projects we’ve been working on this year. I need to write a post about the trip.
  • Which brings me to my last point of why I haven’t written lately – I have a big grant due soon that Anat & I are putting together which has taken up all of my time. I hope to be done soon so I can enjoy the remainder of our time here (in denial, can’t think about that). Back to work!