Hello friends & family! How was your weekend? We had a lovely weekend in & around Haifa. We went back for a 3rd time to our new favorite beach at the invitation of our friends Osnat & Gilad. This time we went in the early evening and had a picnic dinner. So beautiful & relaxing.

Noah & Gali happily played in the sand for hours. You can see campers in the background.

Osnat V'Sarah

Gali v'Osnat

Osnat v'Gilad

We built a campfire on the beach as the sun set. There are half-drums strewn about for your fire-building convenience & the snack shop sells firewood.

The next day we went to the Haifa zoo. Noah has been so good about going along with our plans and what we want to do the past year, that we let him choose the activity for the day. Noah took scores of photos, but I’ve never been into taking pictures of animals in cages. They did have free-roaming peacocks and roosters roosting in trees, which I had never seen before (roosters in trees, I mean. I’ve seen peacocks). It was a small, but nice zoo with a small prehistory museum with displays of prehistorical archaeological discoveries along the Carmel coast near Haifa. They even had some big animals like Syrian bears, Bengal tigers, & lions.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers!