Did you know that during Pesach in Israel it is almost impossible to buy chametz? Bakeries close down for the week and grocery stores cover their chametz aisles. I believe this is usually the cereal aisle:

You know how in America people fill their shopping carts with soda & pop tarts when there is a threat of a blizzard? Here, the non-observant fill their carts with loaves of bread in anticipation of Pesach. Interestingly, even non-religious Israeli Jews tend to keep Pesach, even if they don’t keep other hollidays, so its mostly non-Jews (and non-Israeli Jews) who are stocking up.

Also, the musak in the grocery stores plays almost exclusively Pesach songs. So, while you are buying your matzoh, matzoh meal, prunes, apples, and wine, you can hum along to “Chad Gadya”, “Echad Mi Yodea?”, and “Avadim Hainu”.