Last week we hosted an unofficial Fulbright Shabbat dinner for all of the 2010-11 Israel Fulbrighters. Since public inter-city transportation does not run on Shabbat I invited the out-of-town’ers to stay over if they had no way back home. So, it turned into a Shabbat dinner/slumber party. We had 21 guests, not counting infant twins, and 6 overnight guests (+ the infant twins) from Rechovot and Jerusalem. It was a grass-roots affair, with everyone contributing – we are lucky that we only have friends who are excellent cooks.

cooking for a crowd - everyone helping to prepare the vegetables for the grill

enjoying our feast!

We made sumac chicken, turmeric rice, and grilled mushrooms, eggplant and sweet potatoes. I had a pumpkin pie in the freezer leftover from our Thanksgiving in February party. Our guests brought the most amazing salads and desserts. With the leftover fruit salad & challah, we had french toast with fruit sauce (and pumpkin pie) for breakfast in the morning. Thanks to everyone for coming and for being such awesome guests and especially to Molly & Tom for being such masterful grill-masters.