Pesach is vacation time for the whole country, so we all had off of school/work for the entire week. We spent the 1st 3 days of Hol Hamoed (the middle days of Pesach) at one beach or another.

The first day we went just south of Haifa to the Carmel coast which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. We went through Kibbutz Nachsholim to Nachsholim beach, which is part of a nature reserve. We built sand castles, hiked, and visited Tel Dor, archeological ruins that are currently being excavated. Dor is known for the production of the purple dye mentioned in the Bible as the color required for tallit. The dye comes from the gland of sea snails.

On day 2, we stayed closer to home and went to one of the Haifa beaches because we were expecting guests – the newlyweds Julie (Roy’s sister) & Sina. They arrived that evening and we served a matzoh pie for dinner – more delicious than you might expect.

On day 3, back to the beach! We went to the same nature reserve from 2 days prior, but a different part – this time to Dor HaBonim, just north of Dor & Nachsholim. After relaxing on the beach & a bit of hiking, we went to Zichron Yaakov, a town on the Carmel, just south of Haifa. Zichron is special because it was built by the Rothschilds and is the home of several Israeli wineries. There happened to be a Pesach festival going on that day, which we didn’t know about, but which we were happy to find. Music in the streets, flea market, etc. Most of the restaurants had special Passover menus, which was another nice surprise, so we were able to have a nice dinner out & get a break from matzoh pie.

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