We kicked off our Pesach vacation with a return trip to the Golan, where we had traveled during Sukkot. It was so beautiful and there is so much to do there that we wanted to return. We even stayed in the same zimmer where we stayed the last time. The owners, Frida & Ilan, are so friendly & charming and Frida makes her own labeneh by hanging yogurt from a tree in the yard, which they serve each morning at breakfast. On this trip, we traveled with our friends Osnat & Gilad and their kids, Ido & Gali.

We left last Fri. morning for the Yehudiya nature reserve to see the Meshushim (hexagonal) pool.

nice picnic lunch before heading down

We set off on a short hike...

straight down to the bottom of a canyon with black basalt walls.

The pool is spectacular because of the hexagonal basalt columns that ring the pool.

The columns were formed when volcanic magma cooled over a long period of time so that the molecules had time to form in their "preferred" shape.

For dinner, Gilad made a very special arrangement for us to eat in a private home at Moshav Sha’al where Chebi, the owner/chef, serves traditional Cypriot meals.

We ate at a long table in what is normally his living room and another group ate at another table in the dining room.

When we arrived, the table was set with about a dozen salads. Our host, Chebi, the sailor chef.

Chebi warned us that we should only taste each dish or we would not be able to keep up. After we sat down, he brought out about 5 or 6 warm appetizers, including stuffed vegetables and homemade bread, and then for the main meal, 2 kinds of chicken, meatballs, 2 traditional clay plot beef dishes that slow cook for around 12 hours, and schnitzel for the kids. It was one of the best meals we ever had and lasted for about 3 hrs.