• On the Israeli Survivor, when one team won a challenge, their reward was an Israeli breakfast and they said the bracha before they ate.
  • There are commercials advertising kneidlach v’kreplach
  • In one episode of the Israeli Cash Cab (here it is Rhythm Taxi), there was some noise outside the cab, which was casually identified as, “Oh, that’s just the Na, Nach, Nachman, Meuman” guys. Everyone knows them because they plaster Israel with bumper stickers and hang out on street corners singing.
  • There’s a version of “Israeli Idol” that’s all mizrachi music
  • On Friday afternoons, the children’s channel has special Shabbat shows. We also saw a special musical version of the Purim story.
  • Almost all TV shows have Hebrew subtitles, even when they are in Hebrew. Its really good for helping new immigrants learn the language.
  • One of the anchors on the English IBA news broadcast wears a kipah. Even after all of these months, its still surprising to see kipot on TV – in commercials, reality shows, on TV personalities.
  • Commercials really get into Passover season. One airing now for the cable co. shows a family at the seder table. Something about how they are able to afford the best wine and gefilte fish for the seder because of all the money they saved with the equivalent of the “triple play” package.
  • Also, there is a Nutella commercial airing right now that is especially for Pesach – the mom spreads Nutella on matzoh, they explicitly say kosher l’pesach.