We made some interesting dishes this weekend taking advantage of regional ingredients.

Tehini & chickpea flour

First we made a traditional Jewish Persian soup dumpling, called gondi. A couple of good recipes can be found here & here. The first link has a nice description of other regions that use chickpea flour – we originally bought it months ago to make socca (French chickpea pancakes), but needed another recipe since we had most of the bag left.

No, not time for matzoh balls yet. Gondi are chicken & chickpea flour dumplings.

We also had tehini in abundance (how, exactly, did we manage to acquire 3 jars?), but decided to do something more modern.

Tehini cookies - very yummy, if I do day so myself.

This recipe came from Roy’s Channukah present, The Book of New Israeli Food by the editors of Al HaShulchan, Israel’s Gourmet magazine.

Tonight we took advantage of the fish still flopping in their baskets at the fish market.

Chreime - North African Jewish fish stew

Chreime is traditionally served on holidays in Jewish families from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc., but the fish was so fresh that we made it on a regular weeknight. It is made with paprika, lots of garlic, and the secret ingredient – ground caraway.