Last week when I went to pick Noah up from school, Yaffa, his teacher, pulled me aside. She said that he had been talking to Suha, the assistant teacher, about something that he was planning to do next year. She said (in Hebrew, of course), “Remember, Noah, you won’t be here next year. You are going back to NY.”  He burst into tears, “I don’t want to go back! I want to stay here!” I didn’t bring it up with him right then because at that moment he was happy & he had a babysitter that night, so I didn’t want to upset him when we weren’t going to be home.

The next day he brought it up during our hike. He told us that he didn’t want to go back to NY. I reminded him of all of our friends back home who we miss and who miss us. He said, “but my two best friends that I’ve ever had in my whole life are here.” I tried to explain that he could write and email them, but I’m not sure I convinced myself. At that age, what is in front of you is your whole world. I knew I couldn’t change his mind. Before we came, my two hopes for Noah were that he would learn Hebrew and make friends. He has done so much better than I imagined. Yesterday, he had a playdate with one of his best friends, Tomer. When Tomer’s dad came to pick him up, he told us that Tomer asked if he could join him on a business trip he is taking to the US next year so he can visit Noah.

Best buddies