Galgalatz continues to make car trips baffling.  It’s like listening to an iPod set to shuffle, but the iPod is maybe only 15 gigabytes, so the owner keeps deleting recent hits in favor of new ones.  He never gets around, however, to deleting the older songs, so it keeps playing a few minor hits from the past 40 years while leaving out songs that made a lasting impact.  Maybe he only has The Who on vinyl, so he never ripped “My Generation.”

Yesterday, I heard “The Age of Aquarius” from Hair for the umpteenth time, then last night, it was “Summer Nights” from Grease.  Sarah still fantasizes that one day she’ll play Sandy, or at least Rizzo, on Broadway, so that I couldn’t hear much of the actual radio over her enthusiastic vocalizations.  We were almost home when this came on, so she was very glad that we got stuck at a red light. This was followed without pause by “Grenade” by Bruno Mars (really, this is what passes for lyrics?). Then today, You Don’t Own Me, by Lesley Gore, for the third time since we’d been in Israel–in my previous life, I only knew “It’s My Party,” but her deep cuts live on in the cars and shopping malls of Israel.