Or, we learned this the hard way, so you don’t have to.

1. If you and your spouse/partner have different last names, you must bring a copy of your marriage certificate.

2. If the mother and child have different last names, you must bring a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

3. If you are Jewish, bring with you a copy of a letter “from your home community” (from the rabbi of your synagogue will suffice) asserting that you are Jewish and belong to a Jewish community in the US. With proof of Jewishness, your visa extension will be free, rather than approx. 200NIS per person or more for multiple-entry visas.  But, they will ask for more information and take 2-3 weeks to investigate your background.  You’ll have to return.

4. When you make your appointment at the interior ministry, you must specify the number of people (including children) who need visa renewals. One appointment for the whole family is not sufficient.  (Actually, it’s probably fine,  but getting this right will give the people in the office one less reason to be rude to you. They are resourceful and will find another.)

5. Do not attempt to make an appointment with the interior ministry cold. Your university/institute should make the appointment on your behalf. Make sure you specify to them how many appointments they need to make (see #4 above).

6. If your spouse is affiliated with a different university/institute, then s/he should not take care of visa business separately. Take care of it as a family via one institute and do not involve the other institute.