The hike a couple of weeks ago was so successful that we did another one last week. Noah loves scrambling over the rocks – he says its better than any playground. This trail is just 15 mins. or so south of the city part of the Mt. Carmel. nature reserve. It reminded Roy & me of when we hiked the West Highland Way in Scotland in that parts of the hike were through private property with public access.

To get to the trail, we had to pass by a banana farm. We passed a family on the way out who had scooped up the bunches that had fallen on the ground.

The head of the trial goes by an old British mine.

We spotted Rock Hyraxes (hyraces?) at the top of the cliffs (the camera is on about 40x zoom in this photo).

Our leader kept his eyes open for the trail blazes.

Hard to see because we didn't have a flashlight, but this cave was home to bats, which we could hear very well.

From the sands of the Med. Sea to the woods of Mt. Carmel in one sweeping view.