Roy & Noah arrived in Istanbul Fri. afternoon after my 2nd talk. We went for a stroll from Taksim Sq. down Istiklal Caddesi (street). Taksim was described to us several times as “Istanbul’s Times Sq.” and Istiklal is a lively, busy pedestrian thoroughfare lined with shops and restaurants.

sharing street food in Taksim Sq. Can anyone identify this delicious cracker/bread type snack? Most of the vendors sold their wares from those cute red carts in the background.

Off of Istiklal is a shopping arcade called Cicek Pasaji, which is lined with restaurants & shops.

Cicek Pasaji opens up onto Balik Pazari (the fish market) which is a warren of cobblestone streets lined with fishmongers, as well as fish restaurants.

colors of Istanbul

warming up with some Turkish tea

toasting our first night in Istanbul. Roy is drinking ayran (aka buttermilk) and Noah is drinking cherry juice.

Fun Turkish fact: Turks love children! Everywhere we went, people touched Noah’s face, tousled his hair, and/or gave him free stuff. At dinner, our waiter took him on a private tour of the kitchen and Noah reported back that the chef spoon-fed him dessert.