The rainy season, which was supposed to be Oct/Nov has finally arrived. We had severe weather warnings all week that this weekend would be stormy & possibly dangerous. The rain started yesterday (Fri.) afternoon just after Noah got home from school with entertaining thunder & lightening shows and has pretty much continued without stopping since (writing Sat. night). It even hailed twice today!

Today was the 1st Sat. since we arrived that we just hung out at home. It was nice to relax for a change, instead of searching for an adventure. We managed to keep busy, though. We saw a few moths & were worried that we might have an infestation, so we tore apart our kitchen cabinets. No signs of anything, but while we were working, Noah came up with his own plan (he did this all by himself!):

Noah's diagram for catching moths

The plan executed.

We are supposed to go on a guided tour of Tel Dor (yes, another archaeological excavation site) tomorrow, but it is likely to be cancelled, so back to work as usual.

Shavua tov everyone!