Belated Happy Channukah everyone! The fire overshadowed everything last week, but the night before the fire was the 1st night of Channukah. Now that things are fairly back to normal and a busy week has ended, its time to share . . .

We celebrated the first night by driving to Jerusalem to have a family Channukah party! Noah got to spend Channukah with his cousins in Israel for the first time. We brought sufganiot fresh out of the frier from haShuk Machane Yehuda. I would love to post some photos of the market at Channukah, especially the towers of beautifully decorated sufganiot, but my batteries died. Deborah made lasagna & cheesecake to celebrate the lesser-known, but still traditional, custom of eating dairy on Channukah. This is to commemorate the heroine Judith who fed the general of the Assyrian army salty cheese and lots of wine to wash it down. When he got drunk & passed out–off with his head! Its a holiday!

By the third night of Channukah we were back to the traditional latkes with the arrival of Roy’s parents all the way from Milwaukee, WI. They came for about 5 days before setting off for a tour of Egypt. We decorated the house with all of the holiday artwork that Noah had done at school.

The sixth night was the big kindergarten party at Noah’s gan (which was so spectacular that it deserves its own post to do it justice) and we spent the last night with Yaffa & Menachem & family–once again at a party involving one of Menachem’s feasts.

The country celebrates with channukiot at every available plaza