You may have seen in the news by now that there is a serious wildfire blazing on the top of Mt. Carmel. It began around 11:30 this morning and I first saw it from the University when I was having coffee with a friend outside at about noon. By 2:30 the skies were dark with smoke and it looked like the sun was setting. That’s when we found out the University was being evacuated. I tried to show in previous posts how the U. of Haifa is oriented with respect to the mountain and forested areas. I also wrote recently that we are in the midst of a drought, which certainly has not helped matters.

I got a ride home with a friend. I can only imagine what a nightmare it would have been to try to catch a bus at the same time as everyone else at the University was leaving. I took the pictures below from my neighborhood. The dark tower at the top is the landmark of the University.

contrast between clear sky and smoke-filled sky

to get a sense of how far the smoke drifted

looks like sunset from the smoke, but its 3:00 in the afternoon

Luckily we are OK and not in an evacuation zone. This has been described as the worst fire in Israel’s history and the government has sought help from Italy, Russia, Cyprus.