A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home. We are very thankful to be having such a wonderful adventure together this year. This trip has helped us appreciate all that we have. We’ve given thanks for something every day that we’ve been here – even if it was something as simple as figuring what a sign said or carrying on a simple conversation in Hebrew. We are especially thankful for our old and new friendships and for the generosity and warmth of our friends in Israel.

Fulbright hosted all of the fellows for a Thanksgiving dinner in Tel Aviv last week. It was great to see everyone again. We learned that there will be several more programs planned for us over the next few months as well. Fulbright really knows how to take care of us, which is another reason to be thankful.

Thanksgiving dinner, Tel Aviv, 2010

We stayed in Tel Aviv for a couple of nights and made a mini-vacation out of it so we could see more of the city. More about our sightseeing to come . . .