The first-weekend-without-a-cast celebration continues. We wrote briefly about the Mount Carmel National Park when we took a walk there erev Sukkot. It is 20,000 acres, so we only got a glimpse the first time we went. This time we went back to the Chai-Bar Nature Reserve, 1500 acres inside the park, dedicated to the restoration of wildlife that have been extinct in the area due to hunting, deforestation, or poisoning.

Wild goats - the symbol of the Israeli Park service and repopulated from Crete


Fallow deer - imported from Iran via covert operations & subterfuge

Normally, photos of animals don’t usually have much drama, but to put into perspective where we were, the following picture was taken from the same spot where I took the one of the goats:

U. of Haifa campus

We went home that evening to make pizza on the grill and experienced more wildlife in our own backyard:

look near the wheel (for scale)

biggest beetle we'd ever seen