Roy is in NYC for Julie’s wedding this weekend, so Noah & I are on our own for a few days. We decided to make the best of it by doing stuff that Roy doesn’t like!
For breakfast we made o.j. and scrambled eggs:

fresh-squeezed orange juice

salami & eggs

Then we took the bus to the Haifa Museum of Art. They have a separate building called “Art for Children” that has various hands-on exhibits demonstrating how different kinds of art is made. Noah learned about still-life:

still life with wooden vegetables

Notice how they are clustered to the side because he arranged them to the side of his paper. Noah drew what he saw literally.

Another exhibit demonstrated portraiture.

Hard at work drawing his subject

Does it look like me?

He did not quite understand the purpose of the grid. And he did not quite capture my new haircut. I do see a Modigliani influence.

Then it was off to lunch in the Wadi, which was just a 5 min. walk away.

Noah thought his pita looked like a smile.

But the best part of the day was when we got home. (Roy, you would have liked this part.) Noah created a superhero costume and identity for himself. He made the entire costume himself – the only thing I helped with was pinning on the cape.

Our hero, Umpireman

In his own words, “The ‘U’ stands for ‘Umpireman’ because I shoot baseballs and bats out of my wristbands. If I didn’t have the wristbands, I couldn’t be a superhero because I couldn’t shoot stuff and I wouldn’t have a power. The ‘1’s on the wristbands mean ‘I’m better than the leader of the superheroes’.”

Then he made me my own costume and identity. He told me exactly how I had to pose for the picture. He wanted me to smile, but I thought I looked tougher this way:


As the sun sets over Haifa . . .

our hero looks for those in need of his help