On the weekends, we like to get out & explore, but with Noah’s leg still in a cast, we’ve been a bit limited in what we can do. No beach trips or hikes. Last weekend we attempted to go to the Haifa City Museum, but it was closed when we got there. Thwarted again! There was just a hand-written note on the door saying that it happened to be closed that day, even though it was a regular day & time that they are usually open. Nothing on the website to warn us. Optimistic after we had salvaged the Netanya trip the day before, we were undeterred and decided to walk over from where we were in the German Colony to Wadi Nisnas, an Arab neighborhood we visited when we first moved here. We decided to walk by the port, since we had never been in that part of town before. Here is something you’ll see only in a port town:

for all of your loading & unloading needs

We returned to Conditory Allenby for some of the bright orange knaffe we saw everyone eating last time we were there. The pastry itself was not sweet – the bottom layer was farmers cheese and the top was shredded wheat, but the knaffe was doused with a sugar syrup. Served warm.

Knaffe at Conditory Allenby

I hate to say it, but . . . we like the knaffe at our local Syrian bakery in in Brooklyn better. We will intrepidly continue our tasting of middle eastern pastries so we can report back our findings. Its a very difficult job.


After dessert, we came upon Suidan, an importer/Sahadi’s-like shop recommended by Anat & Menachem. We weren’t even looking for it, but there it was across the street from the conditory. What luck! We didn’t need much after our score at Teva, but we went in and bought a few little things. The owner is super-nice and offered Noah a pickle and Roy some salami. By this time, we were ready for lunch, so we walked through the Wadi and ended up back at Fatoosh. We don’t go out to lunch that often, but this place has become our “regular” spot. You can see why we love it so much:

scene from our table at Fatoosh

outdoor seating at Fatoosh, German Colony, Haifa

enjoying the limonana (lemon-mint blended)

enjoying life