There are a handful of farmers markets around Israel, most in Tel Aviv & its suburbs, but not in Haifa. They are almost always held on Friday mornings (which is not a work day, although the kids have school). Last week we decided to take a little drive to Netanya to check out the market there. The plan was to drop Noah off at school, go to Netanya, and be back in time to pick him up (Fridays are early dismissal). The directions were non-existent on the website, but we thought we had enough information to get there. We found a mall and can you recognize what else?

guess where we are?

familiar color scheme?

The Mediterranean IKEA

We bought a few things including a mattress pad for Noah, who has gone 3 dry nights in a row without a pull-up! Go, Noah! Our big boy!

So, we drove around into different parking lots and shopping centers. No farmer’s market. Did we just drive 45 mins. to go to a mall? In the back of one shopping center, we spotted a green awning with the word Teva on it. We knew that Teva means “nature”, so we thought we’d go see what was there, despite the awnings looking kind of dingy & dirty. Turns out, we struck gold! It was not the market we had come for, but it was kind of like the Israeli Whole Foods – a modern market, with organic groceries, evoking traditional middle eastern markets.

gorgeous spice bar

A whole bar just of spice mixes to cook with rice

We salvaged the trip! Although it turns out that there is a branch of this store in one of the suburbs of Haifa. Let’s not dwell on that. It was quality-road-trip-together time. And we were able to get everything we needed for the latest installment of Fri. grill.

Noah says hamotzi over the best challah we've had since we've been here.

beef & sweet potato kebabs & okra & tomatoes (inspired by our Druze lunch the week before)

grilled figs with honey ricotta