Since we’ve been here, I have worked from home almost exclusively, going to the University less than once/week. I have been catching up on older projects, primarily doing a lot of writing & data analysis. Work that I can do alone with my computer.

Classes started last week at the University and at the Technion so the students and faculty are back from their summer and holiday travels. Suddenly I am busy with more collaborative work. I’ve had a couple of lab meetings with Anat & her students and immediately we have developed 4 projects to work on this year, which are in various stages of completion. In other words, one project is completely new and we’ll have to start with piloting the data, another project is based on already-collected data and I will serve more like a consultant, and then everything else in between. Last Thursday morning I had a meeting with the dean welcoming me to the department and a departmental reception where I was able to say a few words about my research, so it is official. (I was even able to say a few words in Hebrew – ani sameach meod l’hieh po – and learned about a Hebrew class at the University that I might be able to audit for more practice.)

Last Wed. I had a really interesting meeting with a researcher at the Technion whose work, on the surface, could not be more different from mine. He develops virtual reality and computer-based training programs to train athletes, fighter pilots, and the elderly on improving various cognitive skills. However, at the root of our work, we are both interested in attention and how it is allocated under various demanding conditions. So, I will be giving a talk to his group of students and post-docs and we’ll have fun trying to figure out whether our research has anything in common other than the language we use to describe it. Coincidentally, he was the advisor (over 20 yrs ago) to the woman who developed the software that I use to code my data, which was initially designed for human factors research, but also happens to be perfect for behavioral coding.

Speaking of, I am scheduled to give a workshop over the winter break on the video coding software that I use (I’m one of the beta testers for the newest version). It is opensource, free software and will be available for Mac, PC & Linux when it is finished. I am hoping to show other researchers how it might be useful for their own work. In addition to the workshop & Technion talk, I also have plans to give 5 other talks and am coordinating others. When it rains, it pours.