After I write stuff down and publish it to the greedy eyes of the entire world (or at least to my mom’s eyes), I realize that stuff is wrong, or at least could use some clarification.  Here goes:

  • The mold and mildew are not as bad as all that.  When we arrived, Haifa was in the final throes of a heat wave, with temperatures in the mid to high 90’s (American) and severe humidity every day. Since then it’s been hot and humid, but life is not such an uphill struggle.
  • The armed man who inspects the bus is not a soldier, but works for a private security company.
  • Getting a bank account has been more work than I originally posted.  Since it took an hour to fill out the paperwork, I was ready to leave and didn’t worry about actually transferring money into it.  They also said it was no rush for me to order a checkbook.  I wanted Sarah to get an ATM card and to be able to write checks, so I waited to do it until we had added her to the account. Sarah came to Technion with me twice to visit the bank branch. The first time it was Sukkot and the bank had closed early.  The second time was a Friday morning, and the bank was open but had limited service.  I gave up on adding Sarah, but each time I came to the bank to order checks, the people I needed to see were busy and I ended up leaving without seeing them.  Finally I ordered the checks and transferred some money from the US.  Then I went to the ATM and tried to make a withdrawal, but the money had not been converted into Shekels, so I had to go inside and wait to speak to an officer one more time.  Finally, it was done. Moral of the story: take care of everything the first time or spend half your life waiting to speak to someone at the bank on 5 different occasions.
  • When we went to haGolan, we wanted a 3 day auto rental, but Tamir only delivers the car if you keep it for a week.  Okay, then, a week.  Then we realized that Noah had half-days of school throughout Sukkot, so we wanted a car for halfday trips, and we added another few days. Then, he broke his leg and who wants to take a stroller and a walker on the train to Tel Aviv? So we want the car a little longer. Oh, forget it, what started out as a 3-day rental is now a 9-month rental and the final answer is “To Car.”