Late Fri. afternoon, we took Noah to his first birthday party since we’ve been in Israel. He received an invitation at school that there would be a party at the Madatech (the children’s science museum). We were a little surprised, given that there are 36 kids in the class, that the whole class would be invited, but thought it was a nice gesture.

When we arrived at the museum, we were really surprised to see my friend Julia whose son also goes to the gan at the Technion, but is in a different class. Inviting 2 classes – 70 kids! – we thought that was incredible.

The kids had the run of the museum after hours, with a party leader from the museum shepherding them from exhibit to exhibit. They had about 5 mins per room before they were rounded up and moved on to the next display. They also had some hands-on activities in chem lab-type rooms where they got to make their own glitter goo and see a “magic” show of chemical reactions. Liquids changing color! Dry ice! Oozing foam!

For the food portion of the party, the kids were led to an exhibit hall that was set with 2 long banquet tables with plate after plate of candy, snacks, pizza, ice cream cones, etc. When the kids saw this, they all made a mad dash to the tables and started grabbing food. Noah is still in a cast, so I had to help him find a seat and he is still not quite used to the aggressive part of the Israeli personality, so I had to tell him that it was OK to start eating. Poor kid was lucky to get anything to eat. Too polite for his own good. He was even hesitant to finish up the last few marshmallows from a bowl, until I reassured him that it was OK to take the last ones.

At the end of the evening, we asked the birthday girl’s mother where we should leave our gift and just then the birthday girl walked up and so we were able to hand it directly to her. As we were leaving, Noah said that he didn’t know that girl! She had the same name as a girl in his class, but it wasn’t the same girl. It was a girl from the other class.  Well, I hope she likes her present.