What to do about a cellphone?

Since we’re subletting and have to pay for the owners’ home phone, the cell is not our main line, and we just want a pay as you go plan.  Our research said the thing to do is to by an unlocked GSM phone and get a SIM card.  Had we done the research before arriving, we’d have learned the way to do this is to buy the phone on E-bay before coming for about $50.  Failing that, we bought the cheapest phone available at Ace hardware in the Grand Canyon Mall.  At the ‘EasyLink’ store in the same  mall, they sell the SIM cards.  If you have an Israeli bank account, you can get a SIM card that has a better per-minute rate, but we didn’t have one at that point, so we’ve got the Orange “BigTalk” card which charges a whopping 1.5 NIS/minute (about $0.39).