The original plan for Tues. was to take Noah out of school, since it was only a half-day anyway and spend the day with his cousins in Jerusalem. Deborah’s in-laws, Marion & Arthur, were also visiting, so it was the perfect time to have a family reunion. Plus, during Sukkot, Jerusalem holds parades and festivals, so it would be a special time to visit. Because of the ER visit, the trip was delayed a few hours but not cancelled. Noah was very happy to meet his cousins and it was much nicer than sitting at home feeling sad about his leg. We borrowed Chaya Rachel’s stroller and pushed Noah around rather than letting him walk.  Luckily, we have a PT in the family (Marion) who helped make sure Noah knows how to use the walker.

The original-revised plan was to take a guided bus tour of the city. That way we could be out & about and get some sightseeing in, but Noah could stay off his feet. We arranged to meet Deborah, Avraham Moshe, Benyamin Tzvi, Yitzchak, Chaya Rachel and Marion & Arthur at the Central Bus station, where we could leave the car. Deborah & I meticulously checked the Egged bus schedule and we held up our end of the planning by meeting at the bus stop. We were even early. After 45 mins. when the bus hadn’t arrived, we decided to go to the shuk, the big outdoor market. It was Roy & Noah’s 1st time in Yerushalayim & they had to see something!

Jerusalem architecture

Machane Yehuda market

The boys were happy enough with this new plan, snacking on nuts & dried fruit. They each had their own little bag & were very sweet about sharing with each other. Noah & Yitzchak, who are the same age, were especially cute, having funny little conversations. We walked through the market & headed toward Sacher park, which had music & performances scheduled for the sukkot festival. But, due to our late start, and wasting time at the bus stop, everything was pretty much over by the time we got there. No matter – they kids were just as happy to play on the playground together.

Cousins! Noah, Benyamin Tzvi, Yitzchak, Chaya Rachel

Family reunion on the merry-go-round!

After a while, we went back to Deborah’s apt. for dinner in the sukkah and to see Daniel & Yechiel who couldn’t come on the outing after we pushed it so late in the day. Avraham Moshe was really sweet with Noah, making sure that he was feeling OK, that he liked the awesome Lego welcome/get-well-soon present the cousins gave him.

Roy & his old Navy buddy, Arthur

Dinner in the sukkah with the Cronens & Worenkleins

We’ll plan another visit soon!