On Sunday, Noah returned to school, but since it is still Sukkot, he only had half days Sun-Tues. To take advantage of his time off, we planned several short day trips in the afternoons after we picked him up. The first one was to the town of Ein Hod, just about 20 mins. from Haifa. Ein Hod is an artists’ colony, where artists’ studios/homes and galleries are open to the public and where the streets are lined with public art.

Outdoor sculpture/Family portrait, Ein Hod

There are also a few small museums. We went to the one most likely to appeal to a young child – the Museum of Mechanical Music:

Noah manning the crank organ at the Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music, Ein Hod, Israel

Its just a large room filled with hundred-year-old (and older) mechanical instruments, like calliopes, nickelodeons, player pianos, etc. The owner/guide is a filmmaker, but he runs this museum as a hobby.