Life in Haifa is a constant struggle against the forces of mildew.  Every day has been 90ish and humid.  The local molds are tenacious.  A new sponge you take out of the package Tuesday is unbearable on Wednesday.

On Friday, we left some slightly damp laundry in the dryer for a few hours–a mistake never to be repeated.  After running the dryer again, we noticed a smell, but didn’t think it was too bad.

I put on a t-shirt to go to sleep that night, and then walked around the apartment trying to find a smelly shoe, until I realized it was actually my shirt.  The next morning, I grabbed a different shirt and thought it smelled better.  Over the course of the day, my warm perspiration activated the mold, the smells mingled and smelled like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Sarah thinks perhaps spoiled stinky cheese feet.

We were out for a few hours, and all I could think about was a kid named Mike who was in Special Ed at my middle school who had the worst B.O. I ever smelled.  It did not smell like people.  Once our whole went on had a bus trip and it didn’t matter where on the bus you sat, because  he completely saturated the air on the bus.  Since he was in special ed, nobody said a word.  If he had been in the mainstream class he would have been mocked all the way in each direction on the busride.  Anyway, that was me on Saturday.