What's happening between August 25 and September 25? Someone help!

We live in the neighborhood of Ramat Hen, which is a 4 min. bus ride to the Technion and a 10 min. bus ride to U. of Haifa. It is a new sub-division, less than 10 yrs. old, of small apartment buildings with large apts. It is very near the top of the mountain. Our building is very near the entrance to the development off of the main road, Derech Hankin, so it was not until Sat. that we finally had a chance to explore the rest of the neighborhood. Less than a 2 min. walk in the other direction we found paths leading to a playground. Who knew? (And does anyone know what this sign says?) Ramat Hen is built into a the mountain, so the farther from the entrance we went, the higher up we went. We could see the Grand Kanyon in the valley below, but there is no direct way to get there because of the topography. I suppose we could learn to rappel.

The mall down below

So close, yet so far, from all the junk we need to get