When I was in DC in July for the Fulbright orientation, I met two women who will also be in Haifa this year. The 3 of us hit it off. One of them, Julia, has been here for 6 weeks already, has a 4-yr-old son who will be at Noah’s school, and is doing her postdoc at the Technion. We met her family at the beach last night. It was a 10 min. bus ride. From the mountains to the beach in 10 mins. Haifa is small!

The beach was glorious! The sea was as warm as a bath and so shallow for so far out that we could wade far from shore into the waves. Noah was nervous about the waves, so Roy & I took turns playing in the sand with him until he was ready. But, eventually, he joined the rest of the wave jumpers.

Before Sunset

The beach was full of families having dinner, capoeira practitioners, and zumba-ers. Its the international exercise craze that is sweeping the world! There was also Israeli dancing on the promenade at sunset. When I told Noah that there was going to be Israeli dancing on the boardwalk, he asked, “Do they have to be careful about splinters?” knowing only of the wooden planks of the Coney Island boardwalk. This was more of a brick-path promenade lined with restaurants and food stalls. Mmm, fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice!

Hannah, come to Haifa. The Zumba's fine.