For the first time since arriving I heard what sounded like Israeli pop music coming from the PA in an Ace Hardware at the Grand Canyon Mall (hardware store in a mall?  weird, I know) followed by a Hebrew message simple enough for me to decode: “Chag Sameach m’Ace.”  The holiday season in Israel seems to start a few weeks early here:  Rosh Hashanah is not until September 9th.

A few minutes later, in a department store, I heard some familiar music.  Want a hint?  It contains the lyric “nodedot” (yes dey do!).  That’s right, it was Bashanah Haba’ah.  I am in Israel for real!

When Sarah and Noah were out running errands today,  as they left each store they were wished “Shabbat Shalom”.  Sarah asked Noah if he knew why.  He responded that “It’s because we’re in the land of the Jews!”